1 week ago

Signs of spring — Washington DC

Long walk and good talk that warmed the heart. Happily observed many signs of spring, even though there was a chill in the air {hence, a black-and-white version seemed fair!} Quiet Friday evening celebrating progress - wishing for easier recoveries.

All in all, cherishing being home and *appreciating* all of the happy moments of this week. Grateful for positive attitudes and lots of love.

2 months ago

Dunes overlooking Ocean Beach — San Francisco, California

There is something magical about climbing up over a dune and seeing a breathtaking panorama of the Pacific Ocean…while in the city!

6 months ago

Sunset over Washington DC; spending time with family and friends is just…the best. It has been a very special trip full of love! Very grateful for all the moments, even if (temporary) goodbyes are hard.

6 months ago

It might be a grey rainy day in Baltimore, but nothing can stop the excitement for this love-filled weekend!

7 months ago

DC skyline (and Washington Monument) from the plane

Sunset while flying over the Potomac River

7 months ago

Urban alley — downtown Philadelphia

7 months ago

City Hall from Walnut Street - Philadelphia

Philadelphia City Hall en route to wedding

8 months ago

Old and new (under construction) Bay Bridge — last (?) time on the old bridge

8 months ago

City lights twinkle below as the Bay Bridge glitters in the distance — good night, San Francisco

Gorgeous SF day — perfect new view; look forward to visiting again and again!

(Design) oasis in the city — Restoration Hardware SF; celebratory errands

This is how you kickoff a celebration of a sister-in-friendship’s birthday — B. Patisserie sugar rush #worth every bite #paleo break #weekend festivities

Philz trio — no better way to start this special weekend!

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